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Here we will try to answer the most common questions.

Please feel free to ask us to include any missing topic.


Q: Which countries does KRYP.TOOLS currently support?

A: Customers from all over the world can use KRYP.TOOLS. You can view your portfolio and market prices in USD for now and soon in other currencies.

Q: What do I need to configure my KRYP.TOOLS account?

A: All you need is an email to start. Access data and trade on different exchanges by linking your API keys and obtain a full view of your portfolio. Soon your tax reports will be available for your integrated exchanges accounts as well.

Q: Why didn’t I receive my confirmation email?

A: Please follow these steps: 1) Check the spam folder in your inbox. 2) Add [email protected] to your address book as a contact. 3) Submit your email again. 4) If you still haven’t receive the confirmation email send us a request at [email protected]

Q: Is KRYP.TOOLS compatible with my computer (operating system)?

A: KRYP.TOOLS is a SaaS that runs on a web browser. Since speed is a key factor on trading, we recommend that you use at least 1) Windows 7 (32bit, 64bit) & .NET Framework 4.7.1; 2) MacOs: MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite) – (64bit); 3) Linux: Ubuntu 12.04; Fedora 21; Debian 8.

Q: Does KRYP.TOOLS add any fees on trades?

A: No, there are no hidden fees. We simply connect you to  exchanges you already have accounts with and you trade directly with your exchange according to their own fees.

Q: Does KRYP.TOOLS sell my personal data?

A: No, we’ll never sell your personal data.


Q: Is KRYP.TOOLS safe?

A: Yes. KRYP.TOOLS is fully non-custodial, meaning we can’t access your funds or use your API keys to transfer, deposit or withdraw from your accounts. You’re in total control over your assets. Your API keys are encrypted and stored in our database, meaning we can’t access them. We simply connect you to the exchanges you already have accounts with and you trade directly with them.

Q: What happens if KRYP.TOOLS gets hacked?

A: Nothing. In the unlikely event that such attack takes place, hackers will not be able to access your funds. KRYP.TOOLS is fully non-custodial, meaning we do not have access to your funds or use your API keys to transfer, deposit or withdraw from your accounts. Your assets are stored in your exchanges or wallets.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Sign in to the platform, go to Settings – Security and type your current and new passwords.

Q: How can I change my notification preferences?

A: Sign in to the platform, go to Settings – Notifications.


Q: Can I create an exchange account through KRYP.TOOLS?

A: Sure! Open the app, go to Accounts, select the exchange and click create account. We’ve got affiliate programs in place and some exchanges offer special discounts to our users.

Q: Which exchanges do you recommend?

A: KRYP.TOOLS neither recommends nor discourages signing up for any particular exchange. We have prioritized support for exchanges based on volume, liquidity and supported tokens according to our strategic markets.

Q: Which exchanges have lower fees?

A: Each exchange has its own method of collecting fees, and sometimes they are hidden. In our portfolio view, you will soon be able to see and compare the fees your exchanges charge for your trades.

Q: Is KRYP.TOOLS an investment fund or investment advisor?

A: No, KRYP.TOOLS is not an investment fund or a registered investment advisor. KRYP.TOOLS is solely a software providing information and research data. It is ultimately up to you to conduct your own due diligence and assess the insights we might provide you.


Q: Which exchanges do you support?

A: We currently support Binance, Coinbase, Kraken and Mercado Bitcoin. Expect this list to grow quickly in the short term. If you have a preferred exchange that you would like to see listed here, drop us following the instructions in next topic.

Q: I need support for an additional exchange.

A: Please submit a request at [email protected] with the title “Request”.

Q: Can I move cryptocurrencies between my exchanges?

A: No. In order to do this we would need your permission to withdraw, transfer and deposit from and to your accounts. This is completely against our security policy and therefore these functions were not even been programmed into our platform. However, we will soon offer wallet services through partners to securely store your assets out of the exchanges while still been able to rebalance your portfolio.

Q: Will you support wallets?

A: We will integrate wallets in the future to make sure you enjoy an end-to-end app.


Q: What are API keys?

A: An API is what allows you to access third-party services (such as exchanges) through the KRYP.TOOLS Platform. Your API keys authenticate you with these providers. We use APIs offered by exchanges to gather data and place trades. For market data, we don’t require any API keys from our users. However, to check your balances, place trades and some other portfolio-related features, KRYP.TOOLS requires you to input your API keys to authenticate requests.

Q: How do I connect my APIs?

A: A “Help” section will be available on each exchange to support you. 1) To obtain your API keys log in to your exchange account, the API Settings will generally be available on the main menu. 2) You’ll then have to set the permissions – the level of operability that the API key will have (and therefore the functionality that is available to you through KRYP.TOOLS). “View” will allow you to see your balance and orders from KRYP.TOOLS but will not allow you to trade. The “Trade” permission will allow you to transact on that exchange through KRYP.TOOLS. 3) You can then click “Create API Key”. Copy and paste the API Key and API Secret Key into KRYP.TOOLS. Please note that each exchange has a different way to call the two codes that together grant the access to your account. Please follow the according instructions to make a successful integration.

Q: Which methods can I use to upload my data to KRYP.TOOLS?

A: You can upload your data through APIs. Soon CSV and manually importing will be available.

Q: I already have an API for one of my exchanges, can I use the same one for KRYP.TOOLS?

A: Please create a new API exclusively for KRYP.TOOLS. This will avoid any connection issues that might happen and will increase your security as well.

Q: My exchange doesn’t offer an API.

A: Soon you’ll be able to upload your CSV or import your data manually. You won’t be able to trade but you can still view your portfolio and get your taxes calculated.

Q: My exchange limits the API historical data.

A: Soon you’ll be able to upload your CSV so you can view your historical transactions and have your taxes calculated by KRYP.TOOLS. Also connect your API so you can view your trades in real-time.

Q: My exchange doesn’t offer data download through CSV.

A: Soon, you’ll be able to import your data manually to view your portfolio and have your taxes calculated. Also, try to contact your exchange as they may be able to provide the CSV ad-hoc.

Q: My exchange limits the CSV data download.

A: Please obtain all historical information by downloading multiple CSVs. Soon you will be able to upload your data to KRYP.TOOLS to view your portfolio and get your taxes calculated by KRYP.TOOLS (available soon).

Q: There’s an error connection with my API.

A: Please try creating a new API and uploading the information to KRYP.TOOLS. If the issue persists, contact [email protected]


Q: I can’t log in to my account.

A: Recover your password and log in. If the issue persists, please contact [email protected]

Q: My portfolio or accounts are missing assets / orders.

A: If your connected accounts have balances or open orders, they are automatically updated when there’s a change. There may be cases where new deposits / orders may not be immediately reflected, this will usually resolve itself within minutes. Sometimes logging out and signing back in can expedite this sync process. Also, please check if the API key is still valid and if you have enabled the necessary permissions. Please note – very low balances might be hidden because they are usually not tradeable and clutter the user experience.

Q: I would like to report a bug.

A: Please contact us at [email protected] Thanks for your help! We’re working hard to make KRYP.TOOLS bug-free.

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