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KRYP.TOOLS - Integration with Coinbase

How to create my Coinbase account API keys?

This guide will help you connect your Coinbase account to KRYP.TOOLS

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Before you can fully enjoy KRYP.TOOLS, you’ll need this:

• A Binance, Coinbase, Kraken or Mercado Bitcoin account

• $200 in any cryptocurrency per account: If you don’t have at least $200 in any cryptocurrency in your accounts, some important trading features will not be allowed by the exchanges to be accessed via KRYP.TOOLS due to API trading limits.

If you do, then you’re ready to set-up KRYP.TOOLS.

Connecting Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Account

KRYP.TOOLS Connects to Your Crypto Exchange account via the API.

We use the exchange APIs to programmatically execute trades. We do not have account withdrawal permission and all user data is encrypted (HMAC SHA-256).

To connect to your exchange account, we’ll need permissions to do so. That’s why we need API keys setup.

Note that you have full control over your API keys. You can delete them on the exchange at any time. We also recommend limiting withdrawal permissions, so API keys are trade-only.

Setting up your API keys on Coinbase

It is important to highlight that Coinbase keeps new API keys disabled for the first 48 hours after it creation as a security measure so, even if you do all the correct steps it will take 48 hours for KRYP.TOOLS to be able to access your account to gather historical data and trade.

Once you’re logged in, setup your API keys here or navigate to the Settings page, and click on the API tab.

We require the permissions above.

Make sure to leave withdrawal, deposit and transfer access unchecked, as we do not require these permissions. For security purposes, it is impossible for KRYP.TOOLS to ever withdraw cryptocurrency from your exchange account

Once your API keys are generated., you can subscribe them to KRYP.TOOLS. This will connect your Coinbase account to KRYP.TOOLS. We will then check if they are valid and that trading access is enabled.

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